Free CDS Practice Paper by Col Chamola Doon Academy

Free CDS Practice Paper by Col Chamola Doon Academy


Which one of the following was set as a target of average growth of GDP of India over the plan period 2012 — 2017 by the Approach Paper to the Twelfth Five Year Plan?-     

Ans. (a) 7 percent (b) 8 percent(c) 9 percent (d) 10 percent

Which one of the following is not a subject that has been devolved to the Panchayati Raj Institutions by the 11th Schedule of the Constitution of India?

Ans. (a) Non-conventional energy resources (b) Roads (c) Higher education (d) Libraries

Who among the following used the term Industrial Revolution for the first time in English to describe the changes that occurred in the British industrial development between 1760 and 1820?

Ans. (a) Friedrich Engels(b) Eric Hobsbawm(c) Arnold Toynbee(d) Georges Michelet

Who among the following is the author of the book The Indian Struggle, 1920 – 1934?

Ans. (a) Maulana Abul Kalam(b) Jayprakash Narayan(c) Subhash Chandra Bose (d) Manabendra Nath Roy-

Which one of the following about the Swadeshi Campaign in 1896 is not correct?

Ans. (a) Its centre was Maharashtra(b) Its main participants were students(c) It opposed the levy of tariff on imports(d) It publicly burnt foreign clothes

Which one of the following associations was founded in London by Dadabhai Naoroji in 1866?

Ans. (a) The Bengal British India Society(b) The East India Association(c) The British Indian Association(d) The Madras Native Association

Mariana Trench is located in the ocean floor of?

(a) Southern Atlantic Ocean(b) Western Pacific Ocean(c) Eastern Pacific Ocean(d) Northern Atlantic Ocean

Taklamakan Desert is situated in?

(a) Western Asia(b) Southern fringe f Sahara in Africa(c) South America(d) Central Asia

Rudraprayag is situated at the confluence of rivers Alaknanda and…..?

(a) Bhagirathi(b) Mandakini(c) Nandakini(d) Dhauliganga

Arrange the following Indian cities according to their locations from west to east:

  1. Bilaspur 2. Jodhpur 3. Bhopal 4. Ranchi

Select the correct answer using the code given below :

(a) 3-2-1-4  (b) 2-3-1-4  (c) 4-1-2-3 (d) 2-1-3-4   

The Kashmir region receives additional amount of precipitation during the winter brought by?

(a) South-west Monsoon(b) Western Disturbances(c) Retreating Monsoon(d) Temperate Cyclone

Which part of India has the Kalakot tertiary coal field?

(a) Brahmaputra river basin of Assam(b) Damodar river basin of Jharkhand and West Bengal(c) Himalayan mountain region(d) Cardamom hills in Kerala

Tendons through which muscles are connected to bones are tightly compacted bundles of which one of the following long fibrous protein?

(a) Fibrin(b) Collagen(c) Elastin(d) Cellulose

Which one of the following is the scientific name of the causal organism of elephantiasis?

(a) Ascaris lumbricoides(b) Culex pipiens(c) Wuchereria bancrofti(d) Fasciola hepatica

Melanin is the natural pigment that gives colour to human skin, hair, and the iris. It provides protection against?

(a) Ultraviolet radiation(b) Infrared radiation(c) X-ray radiationd) Short wave radio radiation

Intake of which one of the following food components should be minimized by patients having Gouty Arthritis due to elevated serum uric acid level?

(a) Food fibres(b) Nucleic acids(c) Lipids(d) Carbohydrates

Which one of the following statements about microbes is not correct?

(a) They are used in sewage treatment plants.(b) They are used in industrial fermenters for the production of beverages.(c) No antibiotic has been obtained from any microbe.(d) They are used to get many bioactive molecules for the treatment of diseases.

Golden rice is a genetically modified crop plant where the incorporated gene is meant for biosynthesis of?

(a) Omega-3 fatty acids(b) Vitamin A(c) Vitamin B(d) Vitamin C

Which one of the following waves is used for detecting forgery in currency notes?

(a) Ultraviolet waves(b) Infrared waves(c) Radio waves(d) Microwaves

Which one of the following statements about the Ilbert Bill is correct?

(a) It proposed that the Indian magistrates would try Europeans in criminal cases.(b) It allowed Indians to file criminal cases against Europeans.(c) It authorized Indian ICS officers to try Europeans in courts.(d) It was an agitation led by Ilbert in support of the nationalists.

Who among the following can attend the meetings of both Houses of Parliament while not being a member of either House?

(a) The Solicitor General of India(b) The Vice-President of India(c) The Comptroller and Auditor General of India(d) The Attorney General of India

Who among the following was believed to be a leader of the Sanyasis and Fakirs conspiring against the British in 1857?

(a) Mangal Pandey(b) Bahadur Shah II(c) Queen Zeenat Mahal(d) Nana Sahib

Who among the following was the founder of the Avadh Kingdom in the 18th century?

(a) Murshid Quli Khan(b) Saadat Khan(c) Alivardi Khan(d) Sarfaraz Khan

Who among the following was the founder of the Young Bengal Movement?

(a) Henry Vivian Derozio(b) David Hare(c) Dwarkanath Tagore(d) Prasanna Kumar Tagore

Which one of the following statements about the Quit India Movement is not correct?

(a) It broke out in August 1942.(b) Ahmedabad Textile Mills went on strike for more than three months.(c) Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha actively participated in the movement.(d) Communist Party did not support the movement.

Who among the following is the winner of the Singapore Open Superseries Badminton Men’s Singles title 2017?

(a) Kidambi Srikanth (b) Lin Dan(c) B. Sai Praneeth(d) Kento Momota

Koradi Thermal Power Station is located in

(a) Nagpur(b) Raipur(c) Mumbai(d) Secunderabad

Which one of the following is the theme of the International Day for Monuments and Sites (World Heritage Day) 2017?

(a) The Heritage of Sport(b) Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism(c) Past and Present Heritage(d) Heritage and Science

In April 2017, USA dropped MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast popularly known as the Mother of All Bombs) in the suspected hideouts of militants in which one of the following countries?

(a) Iran(b) Syria(c) Afghanistan(d) Somalia

Who among the following is the Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Committee constituted recently by the Government of India to examine framework for virtual currencies?

(a) Secretary, Department of Financial Services(b) Special Secretary, Department of Revenue(c) Special Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs(d) Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

SAMPADA scheme is being implemented by the Ministry of?

(a) Finance(b) Housing and Urban Affairs(c) Food Processing Industries(d) Earth Sciences

The shortest day length that occurs in the Northern hemisphere is on?

(a) 21st March(b) 23rd September(c) 22nd November(d) 22nd December

The Indian Railways have gone in for qualitative improvements since independence. Which of the following have taken place in recent years?

  1. Gauge conversion2. Track electrification3. Automatic signals

Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

(a) 1 and 2 only(b) 2 and 3 only(c) 1 and 3 only(d) 1, 2 and 3

In India, maximum amount of rainfall is received from?

(a) Western Disturbances(b) North-east Monsoon(c) South-west Monsoon(d) Retreating Monsoon

Which set of the following biosphere reserves in India is included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves?

(a) Gulf of Mannar, Nokrek, Panchmarhi and Simlipal(b) Gulf of Mannar, Kanchanjunga, Nokrek and Seshachalam(c) Nilgiri, Nokrek, Panchmarhi and Panna(d) Nilgiri, Nokrek, Panchmarhi and Seshachalam

Which one of the following vitamins has a role in blood clotting?

(a) Vitamin A(b) Vitamin D(c) Vitamin E(d) Vitamin K

The term `Probiotic’ is applied to?

(a) Organic food(b) Antacid(c) Antibiotic(d) Live microbial food supplement

Which one of the following microbes causes acidification and curding of milk?

(a) Lactic Acid Bacillus(b) Clostridium botulinum(c) Vibrio cholerae(d) Saccharomyces cerevisiae (d) Phoebus Levene

Why is potassium permanganate used for purifying drinking water?

(a) It kills germs(b) It dissolves the impurities(c) It is a reducing agent(d) It is an oxidizing agent


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