Prepare for NDA Exam 2023 Study Material Books by Col Chamola

Prepare for NDA Exam 2023 Study Material Books by Col Chamola. How should one start one’s preparation? In this era of cutthroat competition, hard work + plan of study is important because the examination is designed in such a way that it requires smart work. These examinations are conducted twice a year, it doesn’t mean one needs to finish one’s preparation in just 6 months. The foundation must be strong so that it can help one crack all one’s upcoming competition examinations, though exceptions are there. Once you are done with your preparation then you will feel confident and will crack all the attempts afterward.

Prepare for NDA Exam 2023

Before starting with your study material, you must make the syllabus clear to yourself because that will make you more comfortable and confident with your preparation. So write down the syllabus by yourself on a sheet of paper like a checklist and while preparing check the topics you’ve covered. Now let’s talk about the previous year’s question papers, since this exam is conducted biennial, there is no scarcity of previous year’s question papers. They are important because they allow you to analyze the exam pattern and prepare accordingly, for example, the history revolt of 1857 is an important topic, and questions related to it appear almost every year, so now that you’ve analyzed it prepares those important topics best. There are many websites that provide previous year’s question papers of NDA like Jagran Josh, Shiksha, SSBcrack, and various apps available on the play store.

Mock tests- Mock tests are very important, you must give mock tests when you feel your preparation is almost complete. Mock tests will show you room for improvement and also make you time-efficient. For mock you can either take the previous year’s question papers or various coaching mock test series or online mock series.

Study Material and Books:

The examination consists of two papers Mathematics and GAT. For preparing mathematics one can count on 11th and 12th regular mathematics books for concepts and RS Agarwal NDA Mathematics for practice. The Internet can also be useful because when I used to stuck at some question I used to search it on doubtful. For GAT, if you are an ISC student then you can use your textbooks for the preparation of English grammar, otherwise, Wren & Martin’s book is good. NCERTs are best for the preparation of History, Geography, Economics, Civics, and Science. To revise the GAT part one can use books like Lucent and GK Manohar Pandey. Regular reading of newspapers and current affairs magazines will be enough for Current Affairs part. Well, I have seen students using Arihant PathFinder but I have no experience with that book. Arihant 10 previous years’ books may help.

Subject Priority:

There is a lot of confusion about the priority of subjects given in the preparation, Is it the weak ones or the strong ones? Well, I’d say the priority of subjects should be the strong ones because you are already good at those subjects, focus on those strong points so that you can easily answer the questions without any doubt. It’s UPSC you cannot be equally good at every subject so introspect and strengthen the strong ones.

Does it mean totally neglecting the weak ones?

No, it doesn’t mean that. At the time of preparation I was very bad at civics and economics but I did go through the subjects but not very deeply, I read the previous year’s questions asked from those subjects and a few were repeated again and again so I learned those questions and studied the topic but my main focus was on my field i.e. Mathematics, English, Science, Current Affairs & Geography.

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