Ram Rajya and Ram Navami by Col Lalit Chamola

Definition of Ram Rajya and Ram Navami by Col Lalit Chamola. Today we all are happily celebrating the birth of Lord Ram, the seventh Avatar of Vishnu ji. It is important that we all understand and follow the ideals of the Maryada Purushotam Ram, the Aadi Purush and while we celebrate his birth and bring joy in our lives we also must know and follow the ideals that he set for us in his life.

Ram Rajya and Ram Navami

BIRTH- Lord Vishnu appeared in the vision of Mata Kaushalya and sought permission to be born as her son. Mata Kaushalya got a life size statue of Vishnu ji made and installed in her room so that she could see him all the time and visualise the shape, size and features of her son to be born.

Approximately 7200 years ago the prayers of the Goddess Bhagwati (Maa Durga / Jagdamba) were being performed when the great pandits forecasted that if the child was born before 12 noon then he would suffer a lot and if after 12 noon then he would be a great human and mighty king. Lord Ram took birth exactly at 12 noon so that he could set human standards in both i.e. how to overcome great sufferings as also become a great king .

STUDENT- Lord Ram was the disciple of two prominent gurus. Guru Vashishtha taught him basic education for eight years and made him perfect in all aspects of Vedas, technology, warfare, statecraft, and agriculture. Initially in a private, one on one conversations with Ram, Vashisht said, ” I know who you are and hence tell me the true essence of the relationship between Guru and shishya”. Bhagwan Ram in short gave two important principles_ (a) Kalpvarsha principle for the student to teacher relation. (b) Honey bee principle for the Guru to student relationship. During his eight years of stay at the Gurukul University of Rishi Vashishth he along with his brothers and students of all caste ,creed, and social status made the Gurukul not only a great place of learning but also very prosperous. Lord Ram performed no great feat for miracles during his stay at the ashram of Rishi Vashishth. For higher studies and perfecting the art of warfare, advanced technology, and statecraft he went to the Gurukul University of Rishi vishwamitra who was a king (Vishakha)who converted himself into a saint. In his four years of stay, he performed many outstanding feats by learning highly complex technologies of atomic, nuclear science, space, and beyond space knowledge. ln, the process he eliminated the great evil and destruction causing kings, demons like Tarika. He also performed the miracle of converting a boulder into a lady Ahalya. Lord Ram displayed how hard-working, disciplined, focused, a devoted and courageous student he was.

AS SON- There cannot be a better example for a son than the Maryada Purushotam .To save the honour of his father and even his stepmother Kaikayi for no fault of his, he accepted to forego all the luxuries,kingdom, comforts and fame which was coming his way. He set the example that the parents are equivalent to God on the earth and hence their happiness and command takes precedence over own comforts and luxuries.

AS HUSBAND- Till date we cannot think of a married couple other than Ram and Sita in Sanatan culture. He broke the tradition and practice of one man having many wives. He said to Sita, “I promise that you will the be the only woman in my life.” To save her honour and establish his love as husband he, without a second thought waged a war across the sea without any resources at his command. He very well could have used his magical and superhuman powers to get Sita back but he set an example in every aspect so that we humans think and aspire for achieving what he achieved.

AS BROTHER- He was an ideal brother who not only guided and loved his brothers but allowed each to do his duty even under most trying circumstances. He allowed Lakshman to come to the Jungle along with him so that his love and duty as envisaged by him were fulfilled. He guided and satisfied Bharat to remain King as hermit ruling the Kingdom as proxy king and yet did not allow the country men to suffer. He groomed Shatrughan so efficiently that after he bequeathed the throne of Ayodhya, it was given to Shatrughan and not to his sons Luv and Kush.

AS A FRIEND– He was the friend of all irrespective of social and caste status .He kept his friendship with his Gurukul friends Nishad( a Bheel tribal) Kevat the boats man,Sabri a poor tribal woman, Sugriv the monkey King. he won the kingdom for his friends and gave it back to them without blinking an eyelid.

AS A WARRIOR- When Lord Ram reached Chitrkut he was informed that the evil kings and demons were not allowing hawan, research work and education in the entire area between the river Ganga in the west to the Godavari in the east . All the Gurukuls and schools of learning and research work were being destroyed .Lord Ram took a vow that this entire area will now be his karmabhoomi and hence called it Dandkaranya. He in his thirteen years of stay in the Jungles of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand ,Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh etc destroyed all the evil forces thus allowing rishis to run their Gurukuls and perform their duties of education ,hawans and research.

AS A MILITARY LEADER- He along with Lakshman and Sita stayed alone for thirteen long years in jungles but when Ravan took Sita as a hostage he required an army. ln, less than one year’s time he organised a huge Army of various Tribes from Central India .He could have asked Bharat to send a well-trained Army of Ayodhya but then he had to demonstrate how great leaders irrespective of constraints can in a short time organise a strong Army. He selected the commanders for the army,divided them into various arms and services and put them through rigorous training in physical combat, recycling of forces ,generalship providing logistics in the form of rations, weapons, craftsmen technicians etc. A huge Army of medical experts, doctors and paramedics were raised, trained and grouped to take care of the battlefield casualties. Thus Lord Ram proved that true military leader can create armies and defeat the mightiest in a short time. AS A KING_ Lord Ram demonstrated that for a king the prosperity , happiness, bone homi and a vibrant peaceful environment is supreme. He established Ramrajya that is a perfect model of governance in which

(a) TAXES– The public must pay taxes to the king for the betterment of the state but the king must levy Texas so wisely that it does not pinch the public and there was no corruption. king’s taxes must be like a bee taking nectar from a flower. Both gain and no harm is done to either.

(b) EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY- All the Gurukuls got lavish grants and protection from the king with total autonomy to perform their functions thus there was no illiteracy and plenty of research was done in every field.

(c)LAW AND ORDER- Everybody was aware of the laws of the land and the justice system was quick and strictly implemented. The evil Empires were eliminated. He sent Shatrughan to eliminate the evil king of Mathura and his own son Luv was sent to the present day Pakistan (the city of Lahore is named after Luv) and Kush to the North East region to maintain law and order(the Meiteis of Manipur are descendants of Kush). The rapists and the law breakers were severely dealt however the victims were not allowed to be ridiculed but given exalted status in the kingdom.

(d) SACRIFICE- He for the sake of public morality gave up his own wife and allowed her to stay in the jungles in the ashram of Guru Vashisht .His own sons were deprived of the comforts of the kingdom but he said, ” For the king, the welfare of the Kingdom and its people are supreme.” ____________________________ One day a student asked me, ” Sir, can you explain who is a good citizen of India?” I, taking the example from the Life of Lord Ram said, ” A good citizen of our country should have two basic qualities

(a) SABHYA- He/she should be cultured (sabhya) meaning he must know the Sanatani sabhyata i.e. he should be respectful to elders , teachers, and women. He/ she should be dutiful towards his parents, friends, fellow Indians and should be following the customs and traditions of our motherland and be of high moral character.

(b) MARYADIT- He should be maryadit (within limits) meaning he should stay within limits of his behaviour in private, public, with family friends, and society. Lord Ram has taught us extremely valuable lessons through his life. So let us celebrate Ram Navami by following his ideals and values.

JAY HIND , JAY SHRI RAM by Col Lalit Chamola,SM ( retd)

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