What Next After Taliban Rules in Afghanistan | Roles | Expectation

What Next After Taliban Rules in Afghanistan | Roles | Expectation

What Next After Taliban Rules in Afghanistan | Roles | Expectation

Situation Update:

• President Ghani has left the country.
• Taliban has taken over the last remaining city in Afghanistan, Kabul.
• Afghan security forces have abandoned their posts – some surrendered and some fled.
• The Taliban are claiming to have taken over the presidential palace in Kabul.
• There are reports of gunfire at Kabul’s airport.
• The Taliban negotiator Suhail Shaheen called BBC to broadcast to the people of Kabul that their lives are safe.
• The US diplomat, Ross Wilson has left the country.
• The US is flying many flights to bring in additional 5000 soldiers and evacuate stranded US diplomats and citizens.
• In the coming hours, a military team from the US is expected to arrive and set up its own air traffic control system at the airport in Kabul in order to increase the number of evacuation flights out of the airfield.
• The United States military stepped up its evacuation of American diplomatic and civilian staff in massive Chinooks and the speedy Black Hawks. The US flag has come down at the Embassy.
• A core group of American diplomats who had planned to remain at the embassy in Kabul were being moved to a diplomatic facility at the international airport.
• In a security alert, the US embassy has said “…we are instructing U.S. citizens to shelter in place”.
• The airport has very few staff at the immigration or baggage handling. Air traffic controllers too have fled.
• France, Germany and the Netherlands have said they were moving their diplomats from their embassies.
• The green zone of Kabul now has all barricades open.
• Serena hotel in Froshgah Street in Kabul. popular with foreigners, is full of people looking for safety.
• Many prison leaks, especially from Pul-i-Charkhi have been reported as former convicts are now roaming the streets or finding work to do – mostly aligning with Taliban.
• NATO is maintaining its diplomatic presence in Kabul and helping to keep the city’s airport running.
• Several European Union staff have moved to a safer location in Kabul. They are expected to be evacuated overnight
• Russia said it saw no need to evacuate its embassy for the time being.
• France has moved diplomats close to the airport to speed up evacuation.
• Government and private security have removed their uniforms and are wearing normal clothes, he said.
• Many governments and private security personnel are wearing white scarves, the color of the Taliban.
• A few hours ago former President Hamid Karzai announced that he was forming a coordinating council together with Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Afghan delegation to peace talks, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the Hesb-i-Islami party, to manage a peaceful transfer of power.
• Local Afghans are making a mad dash to banks, their homes and the airport.
• Iran said it had set up camps along the Afghan border to provide temporary refuge to Afghans fleeing their country.
• Air India flew a flight out of Kabul with 129 passengers to Delhi on 15 Aug.
• Overcrowded tents and open areas with a lack of food and other amenities are a common sight in the city.
• Hospitals are functioning, chemists and stores for essential supplies are also open.
• Internet and telecom is patchy.

What Next –

• There are rumors that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has arrived in Kabul.
• A group of political reps from Kabul have reached Islamabad for discussions. Taliban reps are a part of this delegation.
• Expect the Taliban to start announcing key ministers and in charge of various responsibilities and begin assuming responsibility for key ministries.
• The Taliban have said there will be no transitional government in Afghanistan.
• Expect some assurance statements from the Taliban about protecting Afghans.
• Expect a high degree of human rights violations and curbs on freedom of expression/speech/movement.
• Expect the Taliban to return to past harsh practices in their imposition of Sharia, or Islamic law.
• Expect internet, broadcast, traffic, roads, and shipment curbs.
• Expect most embassies to evacuate staff and depart from the country.
• Expect mass exodus from the country to neighboring countries.
• Expect total disruption and a high degree of uncertainty.
• Expect Taliban looking for recognition internationally and in world bodies.
• Expect scarcity of resources, fuel, medicines and even drinking water in the short term.
• Expect Pakistan to play an active role in setting up of the new government and sending in essential supplies.
India should be ready to face Jihadis once more.
India has at least three aces up its sleeve.
1) Afghanistan has starvation and needs Indian food ( FCI godown have 850 million tons of food and counting).
2) India has $810 Billion Dollars of Foreign Currency Reserves,that is more than Germany.
3) Even Talibanis acknowledge Indian economic help that helped them come out of the total financial mess.
Today’s Dawn newspaper.
Mulla Umar’s son will play a big role in the New Taliban government.

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