Pratirodh : the Resistance By Lt Gen Dalip Singh

Pratirodh : the Resistance*  By Lt Gen Dalip Singh

Pratirodh : the Resistance

I have personally seen and known General Dalip Singh, one of the strongest and future-looking Generals who transformed the Ordnance Corps and contributed most significantly to the modernization of logistics and sustenance in the Army. An officer with rock-solid character values will be remembered for many decades. He has recently completed his research and cast it as a very interesting, factual, and analytical book titled “Pratirodh: the Resistance”.
The book is cast in the backdrop of the Mughal era during the reign of Aurangzeb and his successors, the book Pratirodh is a saga of the relentless resistance by a few brave men against a seemingly invincible Empire to protect their honor and way of life. Though the geographical dispersion precluded any visible unified approach, they were indirectly benefitted by each other. When Aurangzeb got boughed down in Rajputana against the unified resistance of Marwar and Mewar, it provided much-needed succour to great Shivaji and Guru Govind Sigh ji to regroup and consolidate in respective areas.
The credit of tying down Mughals for the longest period went to Marathas, which acted as lifelines to Sikhs, Rajputs, Bundelas and Jats. Rajputs and Sikhs repaid their debt to Marathas by keeping post Aurangzeb Mughals completely embroiled in Punjab and Rajputana and indirectly paving the way for the almost unchallenged rise of Marathas.
The prolonged resistance witnessed the supreme sacrifices of numerous unsung heroes of medieval history. Through unmatched grit and determination, they succeeded in bringing down the mighty Empire to its knees, eventually leading to its demise.’

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