ROAD MAP TO A CAREER -By Col Lalit Chamola

ROAD MAP TO A CAREER -By Col Lalit Chamola


“A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss”, is an age-old saying which holds relevance to the youth caught in the bind to select and pursue a career. Students beyond High school are planning and working towards adopting a career for their future lives, but most of them are directionless and aimless, thus feeling depressed.
This article gives a roadmap for students to select a career that makes them happy, satisfied, and contributing to society and the nation.

Requirements of a career:


The essential things that a career must provide to any aspirant are-
(a) Economic stability
(b)Job security
(c) Respect and Pride
(d) Social acceptability
(e)Growth opportunities
(f) Direct contribution to their growth and society
(g) Happiness and satisfaction

• Aptitude and skill:


In selecting a career, one of the most important aspects is one’s skills and aptitude suitable for the career which gives one happiness, contentment, and quality of life. The question arises as to how does one finds out about one’s aptitude, so here are a few practical steps.
(a) Know and recognize your thoughts:
You are nothing but your thoughts. On average, a person gets between fifteen to twenty thousand thoughts in a day which are categorized into past (memory-based) present (action-oriented), aspirational, and abstract (imaginary).
All you need to do is plot your thoughts by closing your eyes just for one minute and analyzing them. Change your thinking as per your analysis and you will know what attracts you the most because that is what you are made for.
(b) Analyze your energies:
It is essential to find the activities and jobs which enhance or reduce the energies. Note down the jobs and activities related to that job which give you happiness and want you to go for. If you like it that means it is providing you energy and if not then it is reducing your energy. Having analyzed what gives you energy, make a flow chart as to how to achieve it and start working on it.
(c) Know your fears:
It is essential to know your internal and external fears. Be bold and open in accepting the same and find ways and means either by consulting somebody or by doing self-analysis to overcome them. Till you don’t conquer your fears you will not achieve your goals.
The most important aspect of any career is the personality requirements. Never be in a denial mode, on the contrary, identify yourself with that career. Physical personality is low down in the order as compared to your ‘people skills. It is essential to work upon communication skills which essentially mean being a good listener, observer, and speaking only where essential, but speaking so that the justice and words reach the heart of the audience and stay in their mind. Communication becomes effective only if it is backed by knowledge and hence, become knowledgeable in the skills required for your chosen career.

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